What is Mobi_?


What is Mobi_?


Mobi_ is the Global Forum of the leaders of cities’ evolution towards sustainability, mobility and full integration of services, infrastructures and economy for the next decade.

The constantly changing markets and the irruption of new agents, services and technologies that raise new questions, constitute the pillars of this pioneering forum at an international level. Mobi_ is the first global meeting aimed at designing strategies to solve the raising challenges derived from the overpopulation of cities, whose inhabitants will have doubled by 2030, according to United Nations studies.

Mobility will become the second most important platform for the development of the industry, after the mobile phone.

For the first time at an international level, all of the different social, economic, technological and political agents will meet in Madrid in a unique meeting that integrates all the pieces of the puzzle of mobility, sustainability, economy, the city and the citizen and the environment.

Mobi_is the summit that brings together companies, economic and trading agents, politicians, researchers, technology, insurance and energy companies and startups to address the issues of transport, intelligent and autonomous mobility, connectivity and Smart Cities guided by new services of added value and the technological vanguard.