Mobi_ Means


Mobi_ Means


Mobi_ are Sustainable Policies. Where institutional actions combine with the development of new mobility platforms to guarantee the proper response to an increasingly changing society.

Mobi_ is Networking. The essential link for competitiveness that unites companies, economic and trading agents, politicians, researchers, technology, insurance and energy companies and startups to address the issues of transport, intelligent and autonomous mobility, connectivity, Smart Cities and Big Data , hand in hand with new value-added services and the technological vanguard.

Mobi_ puts the future in contact with the present so that companies, politicians and developers find the way

Mobi_ is Employment. Where opportunities are opened to generate new jobs and boost the competitiveness of the economy. Mobi_ opens the door to new opportunities for future leaders of society and politics that will equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to solve the challenges of mobility and sustainable, connected and intelligent cities, demanded by citizens of large metropolitan areas.

Mobi_ are Business Opportunities. The technological platform that is being built around the connectivity of different mobile platforms (vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, vans and autonomous buses, etc.), reinforced with the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, means a new technological leap of such magnitude that it will change in a few years all the concepts of manufacturing, acquisition and use of vehicles, mobility and circulation in cities, new business models and relationships, as well as not yet conceived opportunities.

The nations, cities and companies that know how to see and take advantage of the business opportunities that generated today will enjoy a privileged position in the new economy of mobility and sustainability.

Mobi_ is Energy. We address the challenge of consumption of traditional energy sources and their evolution towards renewable ones. The battle for the smart mobility market will be key to the way consumers will use the energy that will move their new means of tranportation.

Mobi_ is Services. Insurance and services must adapt to these new capabilities to offer the right value product and prevent other agents from occupying the sector. Smart mobility will be safer, save more lives and lead to a reduction in health, social and insurance costs.